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Designer: Iconoir Team   Categories: Toolkit Vector   License: MIT (Open Source)
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Printer icon
Printer alt icon
Printing page icon
Priority down icon
Priority up icon
Privacy policy icon
Private wifi icon
Profile circle icon
Prohibition icon
Project curve 3d icon
Puzzle icon
Qr code icon
Question mark icon
Quote icon
Quote message icon
Radiation icon
Radius icon
Rain icon
Raw format icon
Receive dollars icon
Receive euros icon
Receive pounds icon
Receive yens icon
Redo icon
Redo action icon
Redo circle icon
Reduce icon
Reduce round arrow icon
Refresh icon
Refresh circular icon
Refresh double icon
Reload window icon
Reminder hand gesture icon
Remove database script icon
Remove folder icon
Remove frame icon
Remove from cart icon
Remove keyframe icon
Remove keyframe alt icon
Remove keyframes icon
Remove link icon
Remove media image icon
Remove media video icon
Remove page icon
Remove page alt icon
Remove pin icon
Remove pin alt icon
Remove selection icon
Remove square icon
Remove user icon
Repeat icon
Repeat once icon
Reply icon
Reply to message icon
Report columns icon
Reports icon
Repository icon
Restart icon
Rewind icon
Rhombus icon
Right round arrow icon
Rings icon
Rocket icon
Rook icon
Rotate camera left icon
Rotate camera right icon
Round flask icon
Rounded mirror icon
Rss feed icon
Rss feed tag icon
Rubik cube icon
Ruler icon
Ruler add icon
Ruler combine icon
Ruler remove icon
Running icon
Safari icon
Safe icon
Safe arrow left icon
Safe arrow right icon
Safe open icon
Sandals icon
Save action floppy icon
Save floppy disk icon
Scale frame enlarge icon
Scale frame reduce icon
Scan barcode icon
Scan qr code icon
Scanning icon
Scarf icon
Scissor icon
Scissor alt icon
Screenshot icon
Sea and sun icon
Sea waves icon
Search icon